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Like beautiful women? Like fast cars?


We have them both here at Lucky Man of the World!

This site is primarily devoted to pictures of sexy women and sexy cars but there is the occasional blog for those of you who don’t mind a smidgeon of the written word. In the blog we will talk about the latest cars and also about how to get yourself into a steamy clinch with a desirable babe!

The site is in its early stages as we try out various things and after thousands of hours probably just decide to ditch the fancy stuff and stick to something far more basic. But until then no bitching if your browser is pants and can’t cope with the technological wizardry that is our web site...

If we talk about ‘relationships’ on here we actually mean sex - the site is called ‘Lucky Man of the World’ after all so we are not about to get all coy are we gentlemen? The pictures are not ‘real girl’s, well they are real people but what I mean is that when I talk about having bedded Brenda or seduced Sally you shouldn’t start adding two and two together and getting five! If you want real cuties them Middlesex is a good place to start!

If all else fails check out this site for how to party like it’s the end of the world - The End is Nigh!